Safe Use of Scooter and Power Chairs

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TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS from 10.00am until 3.30pm

Call us on 01823 327900 or email to make your booking. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer your call and we will call you back as soon as possible during our opening hours.

Set out below are some recommendations for safe use of power chairs and scooters for Shopmobility Taunton customers.

Remember that Taunton town centre can be very crowded and consideration needs to be given at all times to others.

We hope that if you abide by the following advice Shopmobility will be a good experience for everyone.

  • Always keep the speed reduced when in busy or confined areas.
  • Be courteous and show consideration for other users of the town. Remember that pedestrians often stop suddenly and you may not be able to stop as quickly, so reduce your speed and keep your distance.
  • Always follow the instructions given to you by the Shopmobility staff about the use of your vehicle.
  • Reduce your speed when turning corners.
  • When leaving the vehicle unattended, ALWAYS take the key with you and try to leave it where it won’t inconvenience others.
  • Use a dropped kerbside whenever possible and, when climbing the kerbside, approach them at right angles.
  • Never let anyone else use the scooter issued to you.
  • Never let anyone ride on your vehicle with you, no matter how small they are, it upsets the balance of the vehicle, which could result in a preventable accident.
  • Do not overload your vehicle and be aware of protruding items that may hit others as you travel past
  • If you do have an accident of any sort, always inform a member of the  Shopmobility team. They can then give the vehicle a safety check before issuing to somebody else uses it and take any other action which may be required.


If you breakdown whilst using your hire vehicle

  • Try to move your vehicle to a safe location, ask a passer-by for help if needed.
  • Stay with your vehicle if safe to do so and call Taunton Shopmobility on 01823 327900 immediately.
  • If possible we will give you instructions on how to restart your vehicle. If this is not possible we will endeavour to get someone to you as soon as possible and/or make alternative arrangements for you to be collected and returned to Shopmobility Taunton.
  • Do not abandon your vehicle without informing Shopmobility Taunton.

In order to be able to serve you during the pandemic we ask that all customers now adhere to the following

1. Customers who are showing symptoms of Coronavirus, or have had a positive test for Coronavirus and have not completed their self- isolating period, should self- isolate in line with government guidance and not visit Shopmobility Taunton for any reason. If you need to cancel an appointment please call 01823 327900.

2. Any customer who has visited Shopmobility Taunton in the past 7 days and who begins to show symptoms or has a positive Coronavirus test should report this in line with government advice and are asked to call us on 01823 327900 so that we can take appropriate action for our staff and other customers.

3. There will be no access to the Shopmobility office or toilet for any member of the public for any reason. This will enable us to maintain the safety of our staff and meet the rigorous hygiene standards that will be necessary to keep our customers safe.

4. Our team will wear appropriately personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves and our customers safe. We ask that all customers, other than those who are exempt, wear a face covering when in direct contact with our staff and maintain social distancing wherever possible.

5. We cannot provide personal assistance to customers in order for them to exit or access their cars. If assistance is required then customers will need to have someone with them who can provide the relevant support.

6. Please follow all instructions given to you by Shopmobility Taunton staff. They are designed to protect you and our team and prevent the spread of Coronavirus in our community.

7. Whether for hire, servicing or sales we ask you to book your appointment in advance, giving as much notice as possible. We will ask for your Test and Trace information (Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address if you have one). This information may be shared with Public Health England (PHE) in the event of a customer or member of staff reporting symptoms or a positive test for Coronavirus. This information will not be shared with any other party. Appointments can be made by calling 01823 327900, please leave a message if we are unable to take your call and we will call you back as soon as possible during our opening hours or email

8. In order for us to maintain social distancing in line with government guidance we can only manage a set number of appointments at any one time. It is therefore important that you arrive on time. We will still consider people who turn up late or without an appointment, however priority will be given to those with appointments and you may be asked to wait or return at a later time if you do not have an appointment.

9. Where possible hire customers will be asked to pay in advance when they make their booking. This will limit the amount of personal contact required and speed up the process when collecting your hire vehicle. If you have to cancel your appointment then a refund will be issued. If you do not have a card in order to be able to make payment in advance then you can still pay with cash on arrival. Payment must be made before any hire is released.

10. Upon arrival at Shopmobility we would ask you to park considerately in the marked bays and remain in your vehicle, or if arriving by taxi or other means to take a seat on the clearly marked chairs and wait for one of our staff to approach. If one of our team do not appear immediately please ring 01823 327900 for service.